Mind Games

Hello everyone!

I am hoping to get Mind Games into editing soon.  This book has been sitting in my files for so long unfinished and I have recently picked it back up and started working on it again.  I am very committed to finishing it this time because I love this story plus these characters deserve to come to life!

I am really thinking its shaping up to be a trilogy.  I am personally the kind of reader that hates to invest in a set of characters and their lives if I only get to spend one book with them!  So if you are one of those people too retweet, pin it, or share it on your brand of social media.  Trilogy fans unite!

They say not many things in life are really circumstantial, that fate is divine in nature, planned, part of the cosmos.  So it wasn’t probably an accident that I would be crossing the road at the same time as the beautiful, slender brunette, bundled with a fall scarf that made her green eyes stand out.  Her posture was tilted as if in a hurry and her eyes wore the veil of someone slightly distracted.  The leaves crunched under her knee high boots, as she gripped her brown messenger bag slung tightly across her body.

I probably wouldn’t have done it if she hadn’t looked up just then as if waking from a dream and made eye contact with me.  A slight tilt of her lips to form a polite smile and I accepted the invitation to know more.  It was so simple now, after all, I’d been honing the skill since I was a small child and now at seventeen, I was quite good at it.  I let myself slip into her thoughts, mostly out of vain conceit, although I tried to ease my guilt by telling myself I was concerned for her.  She seemed distraught and I’d always thought of myself as the knight in shining armor type.  I just needed to know, in that moment when she had first seen me, in the few seconds it took her to measure me against what she believed and knew, what did she think of me?  Since I knew just how to find that information in her mind I was in and out in record time.  I smiled at her thoughts and lowered my eyes to the ground as I continued to draw near.

“Excuse me, do I know you?”  Surprised, I looked up to find that she was right in front of me.  I turned to look behind me, thinking she might be talking to someone else.  Then faced her when I realized we were the only two on the street.

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